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1963 - The fi rst air conditioner installed in a major Italian bank. One of the fi rst air
conditioners for computer room made in Italy.
1980 -  First to introduce energy-saving Free-Cooling systems.
1983 - First HVAC company using CAD design suites.
1985 - Birth of RC World, RC Group selection software, one of the fi rst electronic catalogue of the HVAC.
1990 - RC Group takes over Simair (Florence) and AMP (Rome) to extend its own range to chillers as well.
1991 - First in Europe to obtain the ISO9000 quality certifi cation.
2003 - The first SILVER BULLET unit pioneering magnetic levitation compressors technology.
2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 - Gold Customer Award as Danfoss Turbocor OEMs
2011 - De’Longhi Professional Group split in De’Longhi S.p.A and DeLclima S.p.A.
2012 - DeLclima is listed on the Milano stock exchange since 2nd of January.
2012 - Birth of UNICO TURBO FL FREE: Free-cooling liquid chiller with centrifugal compressors.
2014 - Birth of UNICO TURBO FLG FREE: Free-cooling liquid chiller with centrifugal compressors and HFO1234ze refrigerant.
2015 - RC Group launches on the market GO GREEN innovative solutions,  Go Green is not a simple commercial logo but our Mission oriented to efficient energy use
and applying innovative technologies.
2015 - X TYPE, the unique precision air conditioner with innovative X coils.

2015 - SIVIS, the innovative indirect 2-stages adiabatic cooling system.

December 2015 - RC Group becomes
a group company of 
Mitsubishi Electric

Dicembre 2016 - Climaveneta S.p.A., RC Group S.p.A. e DeLclima Finance S.r.l. merges in