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Main features
On-line WEB application able to predict the Energy performance of the units (chillers and heat pumps) and to conduct a comprehensive energy analysis
The software is free, it is easy to use and is available at
To use the software you need to register.
Once the selection and calculation performance of the desired machine in RC WORLD, you export a fi le to be used for the calculation in SPECTRUM.
Main components
SPECTRUM offers:
• Energy performance of whatever unit in a specifi c operating condition
(“ONE SHOT” mode):
- Gross and net EER for chillers:
- TER calculation for chillers with heat recovery;
- Gross and net COP for heat pumps, with estimation of defrost for air-to-water units.
• Evaluation of standard indexes:
- ESEER: European seasonal Energy effi ciency ratio (in cooling mode).
• Energy analysis (one year-based estimation):
- Single machine,
- Multiple confi guration of a single model, with parallel or sequential mode of insertion;
- Comparison of different models on the same plant;
- Complex layout, with machines of different models and size, with sequencing rules in accordance to Master Plant SEQuencer functions.