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Main features
Master Plant SEQuencer offers some useful tools for the management of several units installed in parallel on a hydronic network: liquid chillers; heat pumps, multifunction units and dry coolers.
The features of Master Plant SEQuencer add value to the installed units, to the plant and to the building.
Master Plant SEQuencer offers:
• Energy savings maximization;
• Noise reduction;
• Optimum effi ciency of the units;
• Plant monitoring and management in synergy with RC CLOUD PLATFORM.
Main components
Master Plant SEQuencer can be applied to:
• 2-pipe, 4-pipe plants;
• In parallel installed units;
• Up to 5 liquid chillers, even different in type and size, as liquid chillers; heat pumps and multifunction units;
• Chillers supplied by other manufacturers, different from RC Group;
• Pumps with fi xed speed, variable speed and the RC Group WPC system.
• Dry coolers.
The device is designed to work in standalone mode or in combination with a BMS supervisor.
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