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Main features
RC CLOUD PLATFORM is an ecosystem of web services for remote monitoring and management of air conditioning plants; designed for mobile usage on tablets and smartphones, it is accessible from pc also.
The user, accessing the platform from site, RC group site, or iOS and Android apps, is allowed to directly work on the fi eld
through the designed interface.
Each RC Cloud Box can manage up to 400 Modbus registers and up to 31 serially connected RC Group units: Air conditioners; Liquid chillers; Heat pumps and multifunction units.
Main components
The modular structure of RC CLOUD PLATFORM offers:
• Real time plant’s check and units remote control (start/stop, set point modification, alarms reset);
• Customizable visualization and analysis (historical) of each unit data;
• Charts creation and export;
• Data monitoring on maps;
• SMS, Mail, Speech Synthesis, FAX and APP (iOS e Android)
• notifications;
• Integration of different devices in the system (WPC,
Energy Performance, …)
RC CLOUD PLATFORM can receive plant information and directly operate on main operative parameters by connection with Master Plant SEQuencer,
RC Group sequencer for liquid chillers, heat pumps and multifunction unit.
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