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Main features
Intelligent NET for IT Cooling that maximizes the energy saving in LOAD SHARING.
COOLNET is a software that applies to chilled water air conditioners X TYPE, NEXT EVO CW and COOLROW CW microprocessor control system. It optimizes the LOAD SHARING working mode and maximizes the
energy savings.
Main components
• Manages up to 15 units in LAN, to optimize the temperature statistics.
More than 15 units can be managed in groups.
• Minimizes power consumption, controlling uniformly units within the cooling zone.
• Increases energy saving of the units by a factor up to 40% when compared with BAC standard solution.
• Avoids the heating/cooling fi ghting. The units work together to efficiently satisfy thermal load.
• Optimizes the answer to unbalanced load through a smart self-adaptive
• The master unit, through the application of heuristic algorithm, elaborates the average return temperature of all of the linked units and defi new a Cooling Zone. It then processes the common load signal that modulates
the fan speed of all the units within the operating band.
• Answers to the main needs of the XXI century Data Center:
- Lower energy consumption. Savings on bills.
- Management of unbalanced load.
- Flexibility. Adaptability to the IT equipment evolution.
- Ease of use. Simple parameters to be set, just turn on Cool Net function.
• Don’t require any additional electronic equipment, compared with standard unit.