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Psychrometric Chart

The feeling of well-being that an individual feels within a confined environment is linked to obtaining a range of values ​​for some given environmental parameters including particularly relevant are the temperature and relative humidity environment, and these quantities are related to the respective physical properties of humid air. The humid air is a mixture of two ideal gases: a gaseous, dry air, and a condensable component, ie water vapor, the content of which varies depending on environmental conditions.

The psychrometric chart is used for the calculation of the transformations undergone by the mixture of air and water vapor and is referred to standard atmospheric pressure (about 1.013 bar).
The physical state of a mixture (temperature, humidity, enthalpy, etc..) Is detected on the diagram known any two parameters.
The transformations of humid air are thermodynamic processes involving mixtures of air and water vapor and which occur in the sections of the air handling unit of an air conditioning system.
The most common processes are:

  • mixing adiabatic more current of humid air
  • heating and cooling sensitive (for constant)
  • adiabatic humidification
  • Cooling with dehumidification


A psychrometric calculator lets you know all the values corresponding to a particular air temperature, humidity, etc...

A simple calculation tool allows the calculation of the thermal powers necessary to modify the conditions of a thermo-hygrometric certain amount of air.